What's The Top Pet Peeve For Diners?

Oftentimes dining out is seen as a luxury, a break from doing dishes and slaving over the kitchen stove. So it's understandable when customers expect quality service.

According to our latest poll, our readers' biggest restaurant pet peeve is when their waiters disappear. Sixty-one percent of our readers chose, "Disappearing waiters" as their largest annoyance, whereas 26 percent of readers chose, "Waiting for a table — after making a reservation."

Only 9 percent of our readers get ticked off when a restaurant doesn't have Pepsi when they want Coca-Cola (or vice versa). A measly 4 percent of readers hate the question, "Would you like a table?" This was surprising since most Twitterers hated that question (Sample: "#IHateWhenMyWaiter asks if I would like a table. Where else am I going to eat?" — @LeahnicoleLFG).

Still, we would agree that disappearing waiters can be somewhat annoying, especially when we're waiting on a refill after scarfing down a truly spicy curry.

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