$ $
718 U.S. 278 (Highway 425)
Monticello, AR 71655-3869
(870) 367-3292


  • Best food around :)
  • Best BBQ sandwich on the planet.
  • Styraphome. Plates plastic wear. Smelly small hot bathroom 2.00 refill .its a wfull n discusting country trashy food.
  • Hamburger was not good. Tasted like a McDonald's Kids meal burger. Onion Rings looked good though.
  • Great huge burgers! Yummy :-)
  • The 2nd booth back from the pick-up window next to the kitchen wall has the A/C vent blowing right on it! Sit here or avoid as respective to your personal thermostat!
  • Since 1964, mother swears by this local favorite. Homemade fried pies!!!!!
  • Worst food in Arkansas. Oh and it took about 45 min to get what they called food.