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Raspberry Dip Recipe

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Grilled Nectarines

This blushing dip isn’t so shy, so you shouldn't be either. Try dipping vegetable favorites, shrimp, or broiled chicken chunks, or drizzle the dip lightly over a berry or melon salad.



  • ¾ cup fresh or frozen raspberries
  • ¼ cup balsamic vinegar
  • ¾ cup sour cream


Place the raspberries and vinegar in a small bowl and stir. Cover with plastic wrap, and let sit for 30 minutes at room temperature.

Pour the raspberry mixture into the bowl of a food processor or blender, and process until smooth.

Place the sour cream in a medium-sized serving bowl. Gently fold the raspberry mixture into the sour cream. Refrigerate until serving time.

Raspberry Shopping Tip

Buying fruits in season when they are at the peak of their freshness make for great tasting food and can save you money.

Raspberry Cooking Tip

Don’t throw out your overripe fruit – instead blend into a smoothie or salad dressing, add to muffin batter, bake into a cobbler, or boil down with sugar and a little lemon juice to make jam.