Rascal Flatts Launching Eponymous Restaurant Chain

The country band will open the first location of their restaurant chain in Phoenix later this year

So this is happening: Country band Rascal Flatts has created the Rascal Flatts Restaurant Group to mass-produce themed Rascal Flatt restaurants with Philip Lama, CEO of Broken Road Productions, and Eric Soe.

The first of the Rascal Flatts chain is slated for Phoenix, with the opening planned for later this year. According to a press release, "The 14,000 square foot Phoenix restaurant will feature great food at attractive price points, live nationally recognized entertainment, a state-of-the-art sound stage, an elevated bar, indoor/outdoor bar and retail space."

Interestingly, Philip Lama is the sole licensee of the brand, which CMT reports is because of his "of his experience, creativity, and commitment to the concept," the group's website says. Lama and Soe are reportedly working to bring Rascal Flatts' restaurants to more cities in the next two years, so "What Hurts the Most" fans everywhere can get their fill of Flatts-inspired grub and merch. Up next for 2013, CMT reports: "Pittsburgh; Minneapolis; Columbus, Ohio; Raleigh, N.C.; Long Island, N.Y.; and Washington, D.C. Other locations are planned in 2014. They include: Boston/Cambridge, Mass.; Charlotte, N.C.; Tampa, Fla.; and Madison, Wis."