Rare Photographs From Rock Paper Photo Will Make Incredibly Unique Gifts

Giving the perfect gift can be a serious problem. You don't want anything predictable or trite; you want to think of something that will blow the recipient's mind. Let me help you and introduce you to Rock Paper Photo. When we interviewed CEO Mark Halpern, he told us about all the different reasons people buy rare photographers — other than loving the subject, of course. From customers who seek photos snapped on specific dates to those who spot someone they know in a concert crowd, sentimentality has no bounds. Sure, you can give your friend a photo of Ringo Star in a bathtub taken on just any day, or you can give that person a photo of Lou Reed (priced from $900 to $1,300) taken on the day they were born. Which one sounds better? Contact RPP with whatever request you have, and they'll be sure to figure out which shot best fits your needs.