Rangers Player Suffers From Energy Drink Ailment

Vision problems from too many sports drinks force Josh Hamilton to quit the field for the week.

Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton, an outfielder for the Texas Rangers, has been diagnosed with what some are calling one of the strangest sports injuries of all time: vision problems resulting from overconsumption of energy drinks. Hamilton, who left the game against the Angels on Tuesday, September 18th, had been complaining of dry eyes and impaired eye movement as early as last year. When his playing became seriously affected in the past week, he left his team on the road and returned home to Texas for a diagnoses: a condition called ocular keratitis.

Ocular keratitis, which causes a drying of the corneas, is said to be caused by excessive consumption of caffeine found in coffee and sports drinks, both of which Hamilton was drinking large amounts on a regular basis. The condition, also known as “Highway Hypnosis,” is a diagnosis usually reserved for long-term truck drivers who rely on caffeine to keep them alert on the road. Treatments include reduced caffeine intake and use of eye drops.


Last night, Hamilton returned to the field to face off against the Athletics. His new drink of choice? Water.