Rancho Bravo Tacos: No Talk, All Taco

No Talk, All Taco

The Twitter presence isn’t worth discussing, the press isn’t overwhelming, there’s now a brick-and-mortar spot (in a former Kentucky Fried Chicken on Capitol Hill) where you can sit with a roof over your head. But time and again, the Rancho Bravo Taco truck in Seattle comes up in popular review sites as one of the city’s most reviewed and most favorably reviewed trucks. It’s nothing fancy — and part of that popularity is due to the fact that its late hours (it’s open until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday) make it one of the best things people who have been out drinking can find to eat. It’s just good, cheap Mexican food served quickly from a truck parked in the lot of Winchell’s Donuts just down the road from Dick’s Drive-In. Everything save the tortillas and the torta buns is made from scratch, from the hot sauce and aguas de horchata down to the tamales.