Celebrate Ranch Dressing Day By Filling Up A Giant Container For Free

Do you love ranch dressing? Do you love ranch dressing enough to fill a giant vat of it for free in Las Vegas? If so, Hidden Valley Ranch has the deal for you. To celebrate the great holiday known as National Ranch Day on March 10, the dressing brand is inviting fans to travel to Sin City to fill up on ranch to their heart's desire. 

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Hidden Valley, famous for their ranch dressing, is celebrating the hilarious holiday by bringing a 24-foot-tall bottle of ranch dressing to the Las Vegas Strip and offering to use it to fill any container fans bring to them.

"If you can carry it, Hidden Valley Ranch will fill it," the company said in a statement. Everything from shot glasses to coolers to kiddie pools is suggested in the event's promo materials. Just imagine someone lugging a kiddie pool full of ranch dressing through the streets of Vegas. What happens in Vegas really should stay there sometimes.

The "Bring Your Own Container" offer only stands for one hour, from 11 am to noon on Sunday, March 10, outside of the New York, New York Hotel & Casino on the Strip. But the celebration goes on after the ranch giveaway, lasting until 6 pm. Snacks will also be provided, including samples of the new Hidden Valley Blasted Ranch. And before you go, check out the ultimate ranch dressing taste test.