Police Called to Settle Fight Over Proper Ramen Serving Order

A customer was livid that his noodles appeared before his potstickers
Ramen bowl

Wikimedia/Miyuki Meinaka

Police had to be called to deal with a customer throwing a tantrum because his noodles were served before his dumplings.

It can be very annoying when a restaurant gets one’s order wrong, but generally it is a small problem and not something worth throwing a big fuss about. However one customer in Japan recently got so mad when the restaurant brought out his food in the wrong order that he staged a sit-in at the restaurant and finally had to be hauled away by police.

According to Rocket News 24, the fight started at a ramen restaurant in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture when a businessman stopped by around 4 a.m., allegedly to fill his stomach after a long night of drinking. The customer ordered a bowl of ramen and an order of pan-fried dumplings, and he requested that the dumplings be brought out first. So far, everything about the situation seems pretty normal. But then the noodles arrived before the dumplings, and everything went a bit crazy.

The customer and the shop owner got into a heated argument over the dumpling order, and the owner finally demanded the cranky customer just get out of the restaurant. The customer refused, and proceeded to camp out in his seat for three solid hours. Considering he started his meal at four in the morning, it’s a pretty impressive feat that he was able to stay awake and angry that long.

Finally, at around 7 a.m., the owner had enough of the man’s miniature sit-in and called the police. The customer still refused to leave when the police asked, so they wound up arresting him and taking him away in handcuffs.

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