The Ramen Burger, Donut Burger, And 3 More Trendy Burger Secrets To Make At Home

Gourmet burgers have grabbed the attention of restaurants nationwide, and now burger trends are following suit. These days, chefs and cooks are thinking beyond crazy toppings or beef blends for their burgers, and are reimagining the burger and how to enjoy it entirely.

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This summer, the Ramen Burger debuted at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn, N.Y., and threatened to take the "it food" label from the ever-popular Cronut, and that's just the beginning of what we've seen in the burger world. Institutional burger spots like In-N-Out are creating new, secret ways to order their burgers, and fast-food chains like Wendy's are reimagining the bun.

There are a lot of new burger trends to take notice of, so we've rounded up some of our favorites and will show you how to make them at home. While items like fast-food burgers may seem pretty simple to recreate (see our How to Make 10 Iconic McDonalds Menu Items at Home feature), there are actually a lot of steps involved in their making, and that goes for all of these trendy burger creations we have here today. The details that go into making these burgers are what make them memorable, like the ketchup on the Umami Burger, and the sauce and caramelized onions that go with In-N-Out's Animal-Style Burger. The balancing of all of the flavors in each burger is important, as is the harmony of the toppings and the bun that holds them all together.

These burgers have stolen the spotlight in the culinary world, and now they can in your own kitchen, too. Here's how to make some of the most telltale secrets of the buzziest burgers at home,  from the Ramen Burger's noodle-binding trick to how to make Wendy's Pretzel Burger bun.