'Racy' North Dakota Ad Sparks Controversy

An advertisement for tourism in North Dakota was deemed too sleazy by some

Not the Ad in Question

North Dakota's travel agency has gotten a bit more press than expected, courtesy of an ad focusing on the state's nightlife.

The advertisement, which has been pulled but can be seen here, featured two men and three women smiling at each other through a bar window. The ad copy said, "Drinks, dinner, decisions," with the tagline, "Arrive a guest. Leave a legend."

Since the ad's premiere, some commenters have called it "sickening," because the ad implied various scenarios in between arriving as a guest and leaving as a legend. The agency that created the ad said it was meant to be "a little flirty, a little fun," but not at all salacious.

North Dakota's tourism agency pulled the ad from the web site and Facebook page, but it is still available for viewing over at ABC, along with other ads using the same guest/legend tagline. The others featured activities like hiking, shown on the right.

If you're up for a debate, the conversation is still alive and well on Travel ND's Facebook wall, with one commenter writing, "It could have been about anything. Folks accusing you of putting in a racy ad need to keep THEIR heads out of the gutter."

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