Rachael Ray's Guide to Little Italys Across America

Ray pinpoints the most authentic eats in Little Italys around the country
Arthur Bovino

You don't have to plan a pricey European vacation to get a taste of the real Italy.

When it comes to Italian cuisine, you don’t have to book an expensive vacation to be transported to Florence or Venice if you’ve got access to authentic, homemade regional cooking.

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Depending on where you live, you might not even have to hoof it to New York’s Little Italy to get your hands on that kind of Old World charm. America is sprinkled with pockets of cities so thoroughly Italian, you’ll forget you’re in the States. All you need to experience your very own Italian stay-cation is a roadmap pointing you to each Little Italy, and some insider restaurant information.

Who better to guide the way than thoroughly Italian food maven Rachael Ray? The über-familiar Food Network personality’s empire extends to the realm of magazines, and in the latest issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray (the first themed issue ever, out today), she showcases the best of what America’s got to offer when it comes to authentic Italian — or at least Italian-American — cuisine.

The piece features “hometown Italiano” spots in nine U.S. cities with their own authentic Little Italy neighborhoods, and narrows down your dining options to the best picks in the area. Here are Rachael Ray’s top choices for tasty, stateside Italian. Make sure to pick up your own copy of the issue for even more advice, interviews, and recipes for all things Italian!