Queen's Corgi Definitely Doesn't Like Marmite

Well, a corgi playing the queen's corgi doesn't like Marmite

Queen's Corgi

It seems everyone is celebrating the Queen's Jubilee; in honor of the event, the yeasty spread Marmite released Ma'amite, tagging it more properly, "One either loves it, or one hates it."

Marmite, first developed in Britain, is a dark brown, sticky, savory spread often spread on toast. The original tagline, "Love it or hate it," refers to its devoted fan club and equally devoted haters. In the corresponding advertisement, you see an adorable corgi trying it out, and obviously hating it. Sure, it doesn't put the product in the best light, but it's hilarious.

In all the pomp and circumstance of the celebration of the queen's 60-year-reign, this ad is fairly cavalier and a breath of fresh air. Let's just hope there isn't a Ma'amite shortage anytime soon, lest the Brits get their own Marmageddon.

Also, in similar queen/corgi news, here's a look at the queen and her corgis throughout the years, courtesy of Buzzfeed.