QuarterWave's Handcrafted Acoustic Curves Might Just Turn You Into An Audiophile


Personally, I love the recent trend of incorporating wood into modern technology designs. Assuming it is well made, the product is instantly transformed into a retro-inspired must-have — especially when it's a speaker system. QuarterWave is the newest model to catch our attention, but you're going to have to pledge some money to get it off the ground via Kickstarter. This handcrafted Bluetooth speaker system, which "implements a tapered acoustic transmission channel designed to produce a full-range superior quality sound," has a long way to go before it reaches its $50K goal (at the time of this article, it was at $14,032), so if you want one, you better back the project now!

The QuarterWave is meant to turn anyone into a true audiophile. Thanks to the unique interior design scheme of the system, they've taken the guessing game out of finding the perfect acoustic system to get the most out of your music. The wave effect of the speaker's façade reaches within to create intersecting loops, which apparently guides sound waves emitted from the rear of the speakers to "prevent cancellation affects on the back surface of the speaker cone." The enclosure is also designed to be an acoustic waveguide "delaying the sound waves propagated from the rear of the speakers until the rear sound waves are in phase with the sound wave emitted from the front." It certainly sounds like they know what they're doing, because what the jargon actually means is that the music produced will be loud and undistorted.

The wireless stereo will work with your iPhone, iPad, Android or other smartphones, tablets and computers via Bluetooth technology. However, if you don't have a Bluetooth device, there's a 3.5mm audio input where you can plug in anything.

Now on to the look. Each unit is made from domestic wood that is cut using a computer numerical controlled router, which allows for unique layers. After it is pieced together, the wood is prepared, cleaning, stained, and finished in many coats of polyurethane to protect it and enhance the wood grain. There is even a laser etched viewing glass placed on the top, so you can see the internal tech and looped wood design within. There are five different finish options to choose from — natural, whitewash, espresso, mahogany, and jet black.

The Kickstarter Campaign ends November 4, and pledging $499 will get you the Quarterwave of your choice. For $999, you can have one that is signed and numbered 6-10 by the inventors, Cary Gallaway and Donald Thomas. $1,499 will get you a signed and numbered model from the first five ever made. Assuming they make their goal, packing and shipping is set to begin on December 16 — just in time for the holidays!