Q & A With Bridgeport's Brewmaster Jeff Edgerton

Bridgeport Brewing is Oregon's oldest brewery though owned by Texas based Gambrinus they are credited with creating the first Portland IPA that opened minds and palettes. These days everyone has an IPA and even Bridgeport's best selling Hop Czar double IPA needed freshening up to stay relevant. Bridgeport like many other older breweries has went through many beer lineup changes in recent times by retiring classic beers like Blue Heron Pale Ale and ESB. Some would argue the new year-round beers havent made a splash either but their IPA's continue to do well with the new Citra version of Hop Czar and their Trilogy anniversary hop series. Still, Bridgeport doesnt seem to have a solid year round lineup and has yet to have a summer seasonal last for long. What better time to catch up with Bridgeport Brewing's Brewmaster Jeff Edgerton on the state of Bridgeport and his thoughts on the industry.

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