Put A Spring In Your Step! Easy Spring Pasta Recipes

Spring is finally here. So naturally, we're gearing up for all the fresh foods that the season brings — think leeks, chives, fresh leafy greens, green garlic, and artichokes. The variety seems endless after three months of winter gourds.

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So what does an enterprising home cook do with all this green? Cook it up with pasta, naturally. Spring ingredients lend themselves beautifully to fast, easy, kid-friendly pasta dinners that are a hit with the families and packed with nutrients and fiber.

These easy fixes will be saviors on busy nights, or just when you're trying to eat light. So stock up, kick back, and enjoy some of spring's easiest eats!

For even more late winter and spring recipe ideas, check out this handy guide to leafy greens, then click through our slideshow of easy spring pasta recipes for inspiration.

— Brooklyn Supper, Babble