Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Kids

These simple pumpkin carving patterns are perfect for little ones learning to carve pumpkins

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Your kids will feel like master artists once they learn how to cut these pumpkin carving patterns.

When Halloween rolls around, one of the best family traditions to begin this fall is pumpkin carving together. After years of painting pumpkins, your kids are finally ready to learn how to carve an authentic jack-o-lantern. But how do you get them started? A pumpkin carving party with the family and easy patterns to begin with are a fabulous first step!

Pumpkin Pile, a site for the at-home carver, has dozens of free patterns for you to try at home with your family in order to get your little ones acquainted with carving. Plus, these great patterns will help to accent any type of Halloween décor theme to pull your house of horrors (or cutesy Halloween figures) together.

No matter which design you choose, just be sure that you are supervising the entire time, and carve out some of the tougher parts so the kids don’t get hurt!

Cartoon Pumpkin

If you are hosting a Halloween party for the little ones this year, everything should be simple and sweet. You can’t get any more classic than carving a pumpkin inspired by a beloved cartoon character. Pumpkin Pile has dozens of ‘toons to pick from, but we especially loved this classic Snoopy design that is the best mix of adorable and nostalgic.

Click here to download the Snoopy Dracula pattern!

Movie Pumpkin

Maybe you are throwing a party based around your favorite horror movie. We loved this Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired pumpkin that is as easy as a typical jack-o-lantern, but super creative!

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Click here to download The Nightmare Before Christmas pattern!