Psy Won't Sue 'Gangnam Style' Restaurant

But even more importantly, there's a Gangnam Style restaurant!

We should've seen this coming; a restaurant in Los Angeles has renamed itself Gangnam Style in tribute to the viral song by Korean pop star Psy, and Psy has told TMZ he doesn't plan on suing.

The restaurant, originally called Soju Town (of course!) in Los Angeles' Koreatown (of course!) reopened last month as Gangnam Style without asking for permission. Luckily for them, Psy supposedly won't be pursuing legal action. The star reportedly "doesn't give a crap ... because where he comes from, imitation is a form of honor," TMZ writes (oh, TMZ).


In related news, Midtown Lunch has discovered a Gangnam Style food truck in New York, where menu items include chicken, pork, and bulgogi barbecue platters, so those Angelenos don't get to have all the fun. No word on whether either food venues have the song blasting 24/7, or if patrons walk in to paper blowing in their faces and immediately up their swag.