The Proper Cocktail Glass Primer Slideshow




* Very versatile *

The tall, slender shape of this stemmed glass reduces the amount of air exposure, helping cocktails topped with Champagne or sparkling wines remain effervescent and bubbly.

Classic Drink: Champagne/sparkling wine; Mimosa; champagne cocktails

New Option: Juniper Royale; French 75; Kir Royal

Rocks/Tumbler/Old-Fashioned/Lowball Glass


A wide, stocky glass for spirits served neat or anything on the rocks.

Drink: Old-Fashioned, whiskey served neat or with ice.

New: Good as Gold Cocktail; White Russian; Black Russian; Russian Quaalude



A stemmed glass with a cone-shaped mouth for cocktails served straight up (previously chilled and without ice).

Classic Drink: Original Martini; Manhattan

New Option: La Rosita; Cucumber Basil Martini; Bloodhound Cocktail



A short, shallow, wide-mouthed glass used mostly for small, strong cocktails served chilled without ice. An inventive and clever substitute for a flute when serving Champagne, rosé or any sparkling wine.

Classic Drink: Sidecar

New Option: Cherry Sidecar, Adonis, Champagne cocktails, 21 Hayes

Tiki Mug


A ceramic mug, usually decorated in a tropical or Polynesian-style motif, for serving tiki drinks alongside Scorpion bowls. If you don't have a tiki collection of your own, you can use a Highball glass instead.

Classic Drink: Zombie, Painkiller

New Option: Beachbum Berry's inventions; Tiki Puka Puka; Zombie and Painkiller – these classics never get old.

White Wine Glass


* Versatile *

Tall and slightly rounded white wine glasses can be used for wine-based cocktails, frozen drinks or substituted for highball and sour glasses. 

Classic Drink: White wine

New Option: Fireman's Sour; French Armada

Red Wine Glass


* Versatile *

Balloon-shaped red wine glasses are perfect alternates for highball glasses for fun, sweet cocktails or as punch cups.

Classic Drink: Red wine

New Option: Sangria; Lei Lani Sunset

Stemless Wine Glass



Stem-less glasses can easily replace snifters, rock or highball glasses for spirits served neat, fruity cocktails, dessert drinks or anything on the rocks.

Classic Drink: Wine

New Option: Watermelon Margarita; The Oaks Lily – the new cocktail of the Kentucky Derby



The tall, narrow shape helps maintain the fizz in drinks served with soda over ice like Gin & Tonics or Jack & Cokes; it can easily stand-in for a Collins glass.  

Classic Drink: Gin Fizz

New Option: Gin Gin Mule, Mint Julep

Pint or Beer Glass


* Versatile *

A large, flared 16-ounce glass used for stirring or shaking drinks or for serving oversized cocktails with ice. A good alternative to a highball or pilsner glass.

Classic Drink: Beer

New Option: Bloody Mary, Mojito, Tomato Water Bloody Mary

Pilsner Glass


* Versatile *

A tall, flared glass designed for beer that works wonderfully with oversized cocktails or drinks with large garnishes (like big pieces of skewered fruit).

Classic Drink: Beer

New Option: Daiquiri; frozen or dessert drinks; Decadent Irish Coffee with Whipped Cream



Traditionally used for sipping Brandy, this short, wide-rimmed glass is ideal for cocktails on ice, spirits served neat or warm drinks.

Classic Drink: Brandy, neat

New Option: Dessert Drinks like Banana Foster ; Baileys with Coffee and Ice Cream; Frozen Drinks