Progress Coffee: Why hello, Progress

Why hello, Progress

Oh Progress, how I love thee...


Having lived in Austin for one whole year now I can confidently state that Progress is the best coffee shop in Austin.  Sorry you guys, but it is!  





Their coffee is delicious, and additionally, their biscuits are out. of. this. world.  Sometimes, a southern lady needs a biscuit and at $1.49 at Progress, it is well worth every savory bite.  


Back to the coffee - it is ethically sourced, and roasted to perfection.  I tend to get an iced coffee (see photo) with their unsweetened Mexican vanilla.  Extra smooth, extra delicious.  At Progress you do not have to request the soy milk, it is already out for your convenience.  The space is airy and lofty and attracts what I would identify as a more professional crowd.  I love to bring a book or work here.  When it is nice, they have plenty of outdoor seating facing the tracks where one can plan their getaway.  


Bonus tip - I just learned to my merriment that between 3 and 4 iced coffees are only 1.49.  By golly, that is exactly when my sinking spells kick in and I need a fix.  Try Progress - bike or walk if you can because parking is a bit stressful down here.