Product Review: Three 365 Organic Cereals

There's no shortage of options when it comes to processed, super-sugary cereals. The high sugar content and artificial flavors don't seem to deter parents from buying the stuff for their kids, or eating it themselves. And although there are also plenty of low-sugar, organic options available, it seems that, whether thanks to brand loyalty (it can be hard to part with a beloved mascot like Cap'n Crunch) or sheer taste quality, the over-sugared classics still reign.

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Maybe it's worth reconsidering the options, though. Sure, Whole Foods' knock-off cereal brand boxes look decidedly wholesome and less fun than the original favorites, but what if this cereal actually does taste better than its competitors?

In an effort to be thorough and fair, The Daily Meal decided to give three less-sugary 365 Organic cereal brands a shot. Here are our thoughts:

Cocoa Rice Krispies (Compare to: Cocoa Krispies): The chocolate flavor in this one seems like a poorly executed afterthought. In fact, it doesn't really taste like chocolate. The sweetness in this 100 percent organic cereal tastes ironically fake and over-prominent. It's probably because the sugar content is still pretty high, at 10 grams per serving — only 1 gram less than the brand name stuff.

Peanut Butter Balls (Compare to: Resse's Puffs): These puffs taste slightly like peanut butter at first, but the flavor quickly dissipates into a weird, corn-y aftertaste that just doesn't belong in any cereal bowl. We can't help but compare these to the taste of Resse's Puffs, which honestly just can't be beat — especially not by these. Still, the sugar-per-serving is almost half that of the non-organic puffs.

Honey Flakes & Oat Clusters (Compare to: Honey Bunches of Oats): Again, we couldn't help but compare them to the brand name. Sadly, these taste somehow more sugary-sweet than the brand name cereal, in an unappealing way. At first, you think you really taste the honey, but then you realize, no, this is something else entirely — something artificial. There is also a conspicuous shortage of "bunches" in the box. At 5 grams of sugar per serving, you're only saving 1 gram over the original.

OK, we feel good about at least giving these guys a chance — but who are we kidding? In the end, it's impossible not to compare the organic brand to the original, which will always win in the taste department. Even if nutrition is your main concern, why sacrifice flavor when in reality you're only saving a gram or two of sugar? If it's natural ingredients you're looking for, obviously pick the 365 cereal brands. Otherwise, we say skip them.