Princeton Review's Top Party Schools

It's the award that makes college admissions worry, kids revel, and parents nervous: Princeton Review has listed its top party schools for 2013, with West Virginia University taking the top award.

WVU has been in the top 20 party schools 12 times in the past 21 years, reports the LA Times. One possible reason for its ranking is the large number of alcohol-related citations during the most receent move-in weekend this month. Coming up second and third were the University of Iowa and Ohio University, respectively. 

Of course, it's not to say that the most celebrated ranking of Princeton Review's The Best 377 Colleges is all that accurate. WVU spokesman Becky Lofstead said in a statement to the Associated Press, "If you look at the schools on this list, they are mostly large, public universities with strong academic and research profiles, as well as highly successful athletic programs /// But in the big picture, clearly this list has no real credibility." But with the newest studies showing a strong correlation between happiness and binge-drinking in college students, perhaps it should be something to worry about. 

You can find the full list at Princeton Review. 

(Photo Reminders of New Year's Eve... Modified: Flickr/Grace Smith/CC 4.0)