Princes William And Harry Forged Notes For Pizza, Royal Chef Says

Princes William and Harry grew up with a very privileged upbringing, but they did not get everything they wanted, as a royal chef revealed recently that the princes unsuccessfully plotted to trick the kitchens out of pizza.

According to the Daily Mail, former royal chef Darren McGrady said he once received a set of instructions ostensibly from the princes' nanny indicating that the kitchen should make the boys a pizza for dinner. The princes might have gotten away with it, but McGrady said their "juvenile handwriting" gave the plot away, and the kitchen made them roast chicken instead. McGrady said he was always more afraid of the nanny than he was of the adolescent princes.

"They may be royal children, but they still have children's palates," he said.

McGrady said the standard protocol was for the kitchen to send up daily menu recommendations, and the nanny would make her selection and send the orders back. Most of the fare was reportedly standard British comfort food, but apparently they had the same desires for pizza and fast food as any other children. At least once they intercepted the nanny's correspondence and substituted a forgery commanding the kitchen to make pizzas instead. Unfortunately for them, the chefs caught the ruse before anyone started kneading dough. Now that they are adults, however, Princes William and Harry can presumably have all the pizzas they want.