Pricey Coffee Made From Elephant Dung

Here's a coffee that will really wake you up: the brew, the reportedly most expensive in the world, is made from beans found in elephant dung.

Black Ivory Coffee, sold in the Maldives and Thailand, will cost you $1,100 per kilogram– yes, that's over $1K for coffee passed through the digestive system of a Thai elephant. The makers of the brew celebrate the coffee for its natural refinement, stating, "Research indicates that during digestion, the enzymes of the elephant break down coffee protein. Since protein is one of the main factors responsible for bitterness in coffee, less protein means almost no bitterness."

With the coffee coming in at over $1,000 per kilogram, drinkers would be paying over $50 per cup. The makers also point out that only about 50 kilograms of the coffee are available, making the expensive product even more difficult to obtain– that is, if you're really dying to try it.

For now, we'll learn to appreciate the bitterness of the cheap Starbucks house blend.