Momofuku's new pretzel cake truffles.
Arthur Bovino

Pretzel Truffles Available at Momofuku Milk Bar

Momofuku's dessert lineup gets another savory treat.

Bring the pretzel count on New York City's Momofuku Milk Bar's dessert menu to three — at least three desserts highlighting pretzel. Candy bar pie and compost cookies are joined by a dessert featuring pretzels more prominently, the pretzel truffle. If you haven't tried Milk Bar 'truffles,' they're essentially cake balls — MomoMunchkins on steroids. Other flavors have included apple pie cake, banana cake, chocolate malt, malt, and birthday cake.

Staff at the East Village Milk Bar noted on Saturday that the pretzel truffle launched about a week ago. The new addition to Christina Tosi and David Chang's sweet Momofuku cuisine is... another hit. There's a salty coating, soft with scattered salt crystals you don't see as much as occasionally bite down on. Under that coating is a moist, dense cake with vague notes of date and nut. It's a real treat.