Obama Gets Pinterest, Pins a Recipe

The president's PR team pins his recipe for 'Obama Family Chili'

Screenshot from Pinterest

Looks like President Obama is getting his social media on; his 2012 campaign has launched his Pinterest page, complete with a board titled "Obama-inspired recipes."

Naturally, they started by pinning some festive cupcakes and cakes, along with a recipe for the Obama family's chili. Texans are not going to be happy: the recipe calls for kidney beans.

Politico notes that while none of the Republican presidential hopefuls have a Pinterest account, "Obama's profile... already has over 6,000 followers as of midday Wednesday."

Whether or not they'll stick with Pinterest (like they have with Tumblr) or leave it after a phase (like with Instagram), the Obama team sure knows how to keep their pinning audience happy. Not only is there a recipes section, but there's an entire board devoted to pets. Yes, that's right — all Bo, all the time.