President Obama Gets Booed for Liking Thin Mints

Really, guys? Really?

Yesterday, President Obama hit a campaign event in Cincinnati, Ohio, and naturally he called on a young girl with a seemingly "urgent question." That hard-hitting political question? "What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?"

Naturally, Obama chose the ever-popular Thin Mint cookie (because, it's like mint chocolate chip ice cream in a cookie and is obviously delicious in shakes and ice cream).

"This is one of the toughest questions," Obama said. "I gotta say I'm pretty partial to those mint [cookies]." But of course, Samoas lovers were unhappy with that answer, and some people even booed the president.

"I didn't meant to create controversy there. Did you hear there was somebody booing?" the president said. Still, Obama stuck with his answer. "Peanut butter is quite good, too, but I'm going with the mint," he said. Who knew cookies were so controversial? We wonder what he thinks of those candy bars (and if they're Michelle-approved).