President Of Harvesters In Kansas City Steps Down

Karen Haren, the executive president and CEO of Harvesters in Kansas City is stepping down, the Kansas City Star reports. After 14 years in this position and a 27-year career with the group, she is retiring, but leaving behind a legacy of helping the community.

Harvesters collects food and distributes it to over 600 agencies in 26 countries. Based in Kansas City, the program was named food bank of the year in 2011 by Feeding America. Haren's dedication to the program helped the company to thrive and serve the community.

Haren also helped start the BackSnack program, which gives children food to take home over the weekend. Haren had found that many children were only getting enough food during the school week.

Haren plans to continue her commitment to the mission of the program through donations. She will be succeeded by Valerie Nicholson-Watson, who has stepped down from her role as president and CEO at the Niles Home for Children to accept the position.