Prep Your Appetite for 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Products and food promotions inspired by this movie, and others

Domino's Dark Knight Rises Meal, available in Malaysia.

Few movie franchises have been more hotly anticipated than director Christopher Nolan’s Batman films — which include Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and now The Dark Knight Rises. The third installment of the series debuts Friday, July 20, at midnight and its projected to be the biggest blockbuster hit of the summer.

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When a movie with this amount of popularity and anticipation comes out, brands will often jump at the opportunity to cash in on its success, by releasing special-edition products and hosting special promotions. In conjunction with the release of The Dark Knight in 2008, a surplus of brands tossed their hats in the ring, with everything from Reese’s Dark Peanut Butter Bats and Kit Kat's Dark Knight Bars from Hershey’s to The Dark Knight-branded Hamburger Helper.

The largest promotion to come out so far for the release of The Dark Knight Rises is from Mountain Dew, and it is the first-ever global campaign for the soda brand. In addition to unveiling a new soda flavor inspired by the film, Mountain Dew Dark Berry, the campaign also includes access through to exclusive content from The Dark Knight Rises and various opportunities for fans to win stellar prizes.

Check out the other products and promotions released in anticipation of The Dark Knight Rises as well as products that have been inspired by iconic films of the past.

Get into the spirit of the flick by whipping up this recipe for The Gotham Chili Cocktail, inspired by the movie.