Premium Canned Wine Spreading Across Europe

The founder of Winestar hopes to become the 'Nespresso of wine'

Spirit Airlines may have called it by selling canned wines in-flight, although airline food is rarely as good as the stuff on the ground. But canned wine is getting another push, this time from French wine brand Winestar.

According to Beverage Daily, the wine company is working to produce "high-quality wine" in smaller formats, meaning 187-milliliter cans.

The cans, which win points for portability, are also marketed toward younger drinkers, who grew up drinking soft drinks and thus are more accustomed to the can. The first releases of canned wines are an AOC Corbières red, a white, and a rosé from Château de l'Ille.


Most of the time canned wines (and bagged wines) are definitely lower quality, economic wines, but co-founder Cédric Segal believes there is a €1.3 million ($1.73 million) a year market for canned wines. Segal hopes to make his line the "Nespresso of wine," classing up non-bottled wine like Nespresso has elevated the K-cup-esque for coffee.