Pre-Graduation Family Dinner Menu

What to serve for a celebratory dinner at home

The night before a graduate’s big day, celebrate the momentous occasion by making a delicious meal at home. Invite the grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins if you wish — or the immediate family of another graduate (and your grad's good friend). Start off the night with a Champagne toast and passed trays of smoked salmon and caviar appetizers (just be sure to read our guide to purchasing and serving caviar first) then spoil your guests with these delicious dishes.


Mesclun Salad

A simple salad that gains a boost of flavor with Kalamata olives...

Robert Rabine


Roast Leg of Lamb

A simple lamb preparation that is easy to make and good for serving a large group of people.




The great thing about making a large pan of ratatouille is that you can use some of it the following week, perhaps served with couscous...

Clodagh McKenna


Orzo with Parmesan and Basil

A delicious sides dish with flavors that pair well with ratatouille and lamb.



Sweet and Salty Cake

Made with an irresistible combination of deep, dark chocolate and salty caramel, it’s hard to stop at just one slice.


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