Pre and Post Workout Snacks


What you eat before and after a workout can affect your performance and your body. Eating too much or eating the wrong things, can make you tired, sluggish and potentially lead to uncomfortable cramping. Most people don’t like to eat right after exercising. However, refueling your body with nutrients after working out is essential to any fitness routine.

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Snacks take about an hour to leave your stomach so you should always plan on eating something about two hours before your workout. A pre-workout snack should always contain some sort of carbohydrate, while also being low in fat. If you work out in the morning, a piece of fruit or smoothie should suffice. If you prefer to work out in the evening, try to load up on those carbs and protein.  This will help to keep your energy up during the day until you’re able to workout. Some of the best pre-workout snacks are a piece of whole-wheat toast with peanut butter, a banana, a bowl of yogurt with fruit or granola or a fruit smoothie with added protein. Eat one of these snacks two hours before working out and you’ll have all the energy you need for a hard core workout.

Photo by Adrianna Simeone

After sweating up a storm and burning all those calories, your body is dying to be replenished with nutrients. Giving your body what it needs after a strenuous workout will give you the energy to get through the rest of your day, and keep burning calories hours after you’ve finished at the gym. After working out, it is best to eat anything with a sufficient amount of protein. An omelet with vegetables and avocado, carrots and hummus (my favorite go-to) or a salad with grilled chicken or fish are all viable options. Another great post-workout snack is chocolate milk. Seriously, can you think of any better way to reward yourself after a workout?

Photo by Adrianna Simeone

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