Pour a Glass of Wine Without Ever Opening a Bottle

Coravin has introduced a product that allows you to pour a glass of wine from a bottle without having to remove the cork

Coravin allows you to taste your wine without ever opening the bottle!

Everyone who loves wine has a similar problem when it comes to cracking open an expensive bottle: there’s no way to reseal it properly when you’ve had your fill. Wine spoils, and when it’s not consumed fast enough, valuable nectar is wasted that could otherwise be enjoyed if there was an alternative.

"The company has created a tool that is becoming essential for all wine drinkers." Attempting to re-cork a bottle is annoying; oftentimes the cork gets broken, and it's nearly impossible to get it back in the bottle properly. You could always buy one of those mechanisms that pumps all the air out of the wine bottle, but this too can get tiring, and oftentimes a single crack in the rubber cork stoppers will leak all the air out of the wine bottles and result in stale wine — now you’ve pumped all that air out for no reason!

But Coravin has a solution. The company has created a tool that is becoming essential for all wine drinkers. It is a new wine access technology and portable product that allows users to pour wine from any bottle, at any time, without ever pulling the cork. That’s right — you literally never pull the cork out of the bottle. Apparently, the only thing that occurs during this magic process is that a needle pierces the cork and enters the bottle, allowing you to pour out a single glass. There’s no need to remove the foil or the cork.

But you don’t just shove a needle in the bottle and pour, that would be asinine. Coravin has created a foolproof product that actually uses argon gas to pressurize the bottle and force the wine to flow through the needle and into your glass. Once the needle is removed, the cork reseals itself due to the pressure in the bottleneck. Coravin’s website explains that the wine that stays in the bottle never actually comes in contact with air.

So what’s the big idea? Well, there are a lot of ideas, actually. Coravin’s product is ideal for the occasional drinker who can’t plow through a bottle of wine in one sitting. But it’s also ideal for the expensive wine connoisseur who is dying to try that $500 bottle they bought in France but is too afraid to down it all in one sitting. According to the company, the product has been thoroughly tested by Coravin’s founder, Greg Lambrecht, who bought half a case of wine and over the course of five years tested the product and the size of the needle until he could safely say that Coravin worked.


The product seems easy to use and we definitely have a few bottles of wine we’re eager to let rest but still want to get a taste of in the meantime. Who says you have to wait years for a single bottle to age? Coravin has invented a product that can enhance the entire wine-tasting experience by trying a single bottle throughout many years without ever having to open it. The possibilities are now endless in the tasting world…