Portuguese Carpenter Gives the Vespa 98 a Wooden Makeover For His Daughter


Smooth polished wood tends to make every design better, don't you think? Oftentimes someone will have a great idea for the medium, but rarely do we actually get to see them through to fruition. Well, Portuguese carpenter Carlos Alberto dreams of motorcycles and Vespas made using wood and actually makes it happen. He crafted this stunning, fully functional scooter for his daughter Daniella (naming it after her as well).

With a 50cc motor underneath the laminated wood, this rebuilt two-wheeler looks like it would fit in an Italian film from the 1960s without a problem. We can easily picture Sophia Loren speeding down cobblestone streets on this Vespa, perfectly coiffed hair blowing back in the breeze.

Sure, the mechanics of the bike remained the same, but that's not the impressive part. The entire Vespa 98 was built by hand, starting with sketches, each wooden part shaped in Alberto's shop. Considering this was made for his daughter, it's probably not for sale. Considering the original 98 models are worth around $11k, this unique wood Vespa is bound to be worth even more.