Portland, Ore. Bartender On Kickstarter To Make Book On Beer Cocktails

Jacob Grier is a well-known bartender throughout Portland, Ore.'s cocktail scene — and he's trying to make his dream project happen. 

Eater reports on Grier's new Kickstarter for a book on beer cocktails, called Cocktails on Tap. From Grier's Kickstarter: "Nearly three years ago, my friends and I came up with the idea of hosting a night of cocktails all featuring beer as an ingredient. Though people were initially skeptical, the drinks won them over, and the three of us — myself, beer blogger Ezra Johnson-Greenough, and bar owner Yetta Vorobik — have gone on to put on beer cocktail events from Vancouver, Canada to New Orleans, Louisiana. In the time since our first "Brewing Up Cocktails" event, I've noticed beer cocktails appearing increasingly often on menus in the some of the best bars around the country... Having imbibed, researched, and created numerous beer cocktails over the years, the time is right to create the definitive book on the subject. Cocktails on Tap will feature approximately fifty recipes, culled from historic documents, my own menus, and contributions from talented bartenders all over the world."

And boy, do we want this book to happen: a Mai Ta-IPA? Hopped Up Nui Nui? The Averna Stout Flip? Yes, please. Grier et. al are $19,000 shy of his goal to make the book happen, so get on it, Portland.