Popeyes Applicant Foils Robbery During Job Interview

If anyone deserves to get a job, it's 18-year-old Devin Washington, who was in the process of applying for a job at a local Popeyes restaurant when he jumped in to help stop a robbery that went down in the middle of his interview.

According to Fox News, Washington was being interviewed by manager Danyanna Metoyer at a Popeyes restaurant in New Orleans when a man suddenly grabbed a handful of cash out of the register and tried to run away. Washington reportedly grabbed the thief's arms to stop him, and the manager blocked the doorway.

The thief could not get out of the restaurant past Metoyer, and they held him until the police came and arrested him, at which point Washington was told that he got the job.

"You're hired. You earned it," Metoyer said.

Metoyer says she had already decided to hire Washington before the incident happened, but Washington's bravery just confirmed that she had made the right decision.