Pop-Tarts Cereal, a 1990s Favorite, Is Back for Breakfast

You won’t need a toaster for these nostalgic nummies

Grab your slap bracelets and hacky sacks, a favorite cereal from the 1990s is time-warping back to breakfast tables. Pop-Tarts cereal is back, exclusively at Walmart. And no toaster is needed.

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Pop-Tarts, the toaster pastry, had a cereal? Yep, back in the day when the TV still took us to “Beverly Hills, 90210” every week and grunge ruled the airwaves, Pop-Tarts became a cereal. Introduced in September 1994 as Pop-Tarts Crunch, the cereal was like a bowl full of your favorite toaster treats. On MrBreakfast.com, it has 2,596 votes for “all-time greatest cereal.”

Even if you personally wouldn’t go that far, it’s a fun edible trip back in time. The original cereal’s two flavors, Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon and Frosted Strawberry, are both back. Each crunchy cereal piece is filled with either brown sugar-cinnamon or strawberry filling and topped with sprinkles.


Each box is priced at $3.64. Bring your own jelly shoes and clear cola for the full 1990s feel. And you can get bowled over with these things you didn’t know about the 16 most popular breakfast cereals.