Pop-Up Restaurant Forces Customers To Dine Alone

A "table for one" might sound depressing to many (thanks to Sex and the City teasing Miranda's Chinese food habit), but one pop-up is hoping to change that perception.

Pop Up City reports that a new restaurant in Amsterdam only houses tables for one; Eenmaal, as it's called, was specifically designed to make people who never dine alone go out and try it in a non-negative social situation. "'Eenmaal' is an exciting experiment for those who never go out dining alone, as well as an appealing opportunity for those who often eat alone at restaurants," social designer Marina VanGoor said. 

VanGoor explains that her pop-up is designed to make it more appealing for people to dine alone and fine quiet in solitude; restaurants, which tend to be bustling with conversation, aren't necessarily attractive to people who are hoping to eat alone without anyone staring.

Judging from photos of the space, the restaurant's tables are only a small square, difficult to share, with room for one chair under the table. And while this pop-up is only a two-day experiment, the concept is still interesting. Perhaps Miranda won't have to pretend to be ordering for two over the phone anymore. Check out the Facebook page here.