Vandals Spill 6,000 Liters Of Wine And More News

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Daughter of Higher-Up Shuts Down Restaurant: After being denied a table, the daughter of Mexico's former attorney general complained to the Mexican consumer watchdog, who then shut the restaurant down. [AFP]

Police-Themed Restaurant: A new police-themed restaurant and bar, opened by a former NYPD employee, will feature a 1968 squad car, a mug shot of Lindsay Lohan, and "faux missing person packets as souvenirs." "I want to bring up nostalgic, creative memories, and not the day you got arrested," the owner says. [Grub Street]

McDonald's Worker Told to "Not Act Gay": A New Zealand McDonald's worker who joined a protest outside McDonald's says not only is he fighting for living wages and better work conditions, but also against homophobia, after he was told to "not act gay" while working at a Mickey D's. [ONE News]

Beer-Infused Coffee: A brewery is looking to make a good stout or porter with some elements of coffee, which we hope means we'll have some caffeinated beers in the future. Those brews sure do make us sleepy. [Medford Mail Tribune]

Vandals Spill Wine: A winery has lost over 6,000 liters of merlot after vandals opened a tank valve and left it to drain, costing the winery some $165,000. [The New Zealand Herald]