Police Investigate Suspicious Halloween Candy

Candy handed out at school seemed to have been tampered with
Dots Candy


Police in Connecticut are investigating a box of candy from a school Halloween event that appeared to have been tampered with.

This weekend Connecticut police said some candy that had been given out at a school function may have been tampered with.

According to the Hartford Courant, a child at a Monster Mash event at a school in Clinton, Connecticut, was given a small box of Dots candy that appeared to have been opened and glued shut again. Inside, all the Dots candy was red, which is unusual. Normally there are many different colors of Dots in a box.

Police don’t know if anything was actually done to the Dots in question, but the package did appear to have been opened and then glued shut again. The Dots will be investigated at a lab, and in the meantime police have said that any kids at the Monster Mash event should check all the candy they acquired and not eat it if there is any chance it could have been tampered with.