Polaroid Builds Camera Mount for Shot Glasses

The new Polaroid Cube Shot Glass Mount shows what life looks like from the bottom of a glass

The new Polaroid Cube Shot Glass Mount sticks a tiny camera in the bottom of a shot glass to show us what life looks like from the perspective of alcohol.

The GoPro action camera is great, but there are only a small handful of humans who will ever base-jump from a skyscraper or climb Mt. Everest with a tiny camera mounted to their heads. Now, however, Polaroid has made an action camera accessory for the rest of us, and it’s tiny, cheap, and shows us the world from the bottom of a shot glass.

According to Peta Pixel, the new Polaroid Cube is a teeny, tiny camera designed to record snippets of a person’s life, either for personal use or--more likely--sharing on social media. It can go in a lot of places, like on a fish tank, or in a pocket, and now it even fits in the base of a plastic shot glass, so all the world can see what it is like to be a shot of whiskey going down someone’s throat.

The shot glass mount is a $15 plastic shot glass with room for the Polaroid Cube to fit in the base to “provide a whole new POV from the bottom of the glass,” according to Polaroid’s ad copy.


Conveniently, the shot glass mount also leaves the camera’s controls free so the user can turn it on and off easily, even after having thrown back a couple shots for an adoring public on Instagram. The Polaroid Cube HD camera itself costs $100 and can be mounted with a magnet or a clip to record the goings-on over at Mt. Everest, or the nearest frat party.