Dairy Queen Bars Cheapskate Pokemon Go Players from Store

A Dairy Queen allegedly said only customers could catch Pokemon

A Dairy Queen allegedly posted a sign in the window informing Pokemon Go players that any Pokemon in the store were for paying customers only. 

The new Pokemon Go cell phone game debuted just a couple days ago, and people are obsessed with it, but one Dairy Queen allegedly got so annoyed with the Pokemon-related foot traffic that it posted a sign barring non-paying customers from coming in to catch Pokemon in the store.

The cool thing about Pokemon Go is that it is played in real life. The map has been littered with Pokemon for people to catch, and local points of interest are often highlighted with blue squares called PokeStops, which give players items. To catch the Pokemon, players walk around in the real world with their phones out, looking for either Pokemon to catch or PokeStops to get items from.

Some businesses have embraced the game. Many restaurants and coffee shops have PokeStops in them, so more potential customers might come through playing the game. The game offers a thing called “Lure Modules,” too, which cause the PokeStops to attract any nearby Pokemon to the area for 30 minutes. A Lure Module can be purchased for 99 cents of real-world money, and whenever one is activated, any players in the vicinity are likely to run over and camp by the PokeSpot to catch Pokemon while the module is active. If the PokeStop happens to be someplace where a person could get a cup of coffee or a snack while waiting for Pokemon, then that’s even better.

Not everyone is loving the Pokemon Go players coming through the doors, though, and one Reddit user posted a photo allegedly from a local Dairy Queen, which did not appear to want any more Pokemon hunters coming inside without buying anything.

“Pokemon are for paying customers only,” the sign reads.


According to Uploadr, the user did not specify where the particular Dairy Queen is located, but barring people from hunting Pokemon on the premises is not likely to endear the place to locals right now.