Pocket-Sized Slow Motion Camera Promises To Capture Every Detail

We've all seen those dramatic, slow-motion scenes—a couple running to lovingly embrace on the beach, a punch being thrown in a bar fight, Fabio's hair blowing in the wind—and we've all probably daydreamed a few moments of our real life as if it happened in slow-mo. Well, now we can actually capture those real moments with this fps1000 high-speed camera. The camera takes what is normally studio-production technology and puts it into a portable, every-man gadget. The benchmark for high frame rate cameras is 1,000 frames per second, and the fps1000 captures about 840 to 10,000. It's able to capture the high-speed motion that would normally be filmed as a blur (especially for standard video which captures at about 30-60 FPS), and when played back at normal speed, the images appear in slow-motion without any loss of detail—which is perfect, because we want every detail of our Kim Kardashian hair toss caught on camera.