Pizza Version Of Monopoly Is A Tasty Version Of The Classic Game

The spicy board game comes in a pizza box and features seriously grate player tokens
Pizza Monopoly
Hasbro via Amazon

There are as many editions of Monopoly as there are player interests and hobbies. You can buy a Star Wars-themed game where people land on your planets instead of your properties. In the Game of Thrones edition, your player token can be a direwolf or the Iron Throne itself. But if you’re more about the eating than the TV or movie watching, check out the new pizza-themed Monopoly game, which is so realistic it comes in a pizza box.

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You likely know how to play Monopoly – buy properties and collect rent when your opponents land on them. But in the Monopoly Pizza game, you try to collect as much pizza as you can, buying up pizza spaces and picking up slice tokens.


Hasbro via Amazon

Spaces are named for common pizza toppings. Pepperoni and Sausage replace the high-priced Boardwalk and Park Place spaces, while Mac & Cheese, Bacon, and Pineapple are among the lower-priced squares. (Realistically, shouldn’t Anchovy have been the cheapest offering?) And landing on another player’s topping is kind of friendly in this game. Instead of paying rent, they pay you to try your kind of pizza, and both of you are given slice tokens, which help you win.


Hasbro via Amazon

The player tokens that you move around the board are cheesily adorable. They feature a cheese grater, pizza chef, Parmesan shaker, delivery bike, slicer, and pizza on a paddle. And the game box really does make it look like you just had a pizza delivered to your house

Game box

Hasbro via Amazon

Rich Uncle Pennybags, aka Mr. Monopoly, the mustachioed guy who appears on all Monopoly games, is featured on the game’s money holding a pizza slice so cheesy it’s about to drip right out of his hand.


Hasbro via Amazon
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The game costs about $20, but when we checked Walmart online and Amazon just days before Christmas, it was out of stock. Hasbro did not immediately respond to a request for comment about when it would be available again, though it seems likely they’ll be cooking up more after the holiday rush. If pizza’s a part of your daily life, check out the best pizza in every state.