Pizza Hut Vs. The Black Keys

That new Cheesy Bites commercial might just end up costing Pizza Hut more than they originally planned, as it now the subject of a lawsuit.

The Black Keys are suing the pizza company for its "blatant and purposeful infringement" of their top 100 Billboard track "Gold on the Ceiling."

The commercial focuses on the doughy, cheese-filled bites, but apparently has "Gold on the Ceiling" playing in the background.

Musicians Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney filed separate federal complaints June 21, in which they ask Pizza Hut to put an immediate stop to the commercials, and they also are seeking to obtain redress.

But Pizza Hut isn't owning up to anything just yet. Pizza Hut spokesman Christopher Fuller told E! News that the company was unaware of any issue. "We believe our advertising agency obtained all the proper rights for music used in the production of our Cheesy Bites advertising," he said.

Perhaps it would have been easier for Pizza Hut to stick with its earlier Cheesy Bites commercials; Jessica Simpson and Miss Piggy didn't sue the company for their cameos.