Pizza Hut Delivery Guys Help Catch Robbers

Their manager has nicknamed them 'Starsky and Hutch'

Pizza Hut

This is the stuff movies are made of: Two Pizza Hut delivery guys were just hanging around outside when they saw three men run out of their Atlanta restaurant with the cash drawer and guns.

So naturally, the two guys "looked at each other and decided we were gonna chase them in our vehicles," one of them told a local news station.

We like to think the ensuing chase was just like the movies — a lot of swerving, honking, and sliding over car hoods à la Channing Tatum in 21 Jump Street. Of course, all that probably didn't happen because the robbers were on foot (who robs a place on foot?), but one of the delivery guys did call the police.

The Pizza Hut employees trailed the robbers to a neighborhood house, where the police found one of the robbers and arrested him. Authorities are still looking for the other two, but the Pizza Hut guys are now being called "Starsky and Hutch" by their boss. Biopic, anyone?