Pink Slime Maker Officially Closes 3 Factories and More News

In today's Weekly Media Mix, a kid falls into fast-food grease, plus Lidia Bastianich sued over tip skimming
Media Mix
Arthur Bovino

Media Mix

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world

• Lidia Bastianich was hit with a tip-skimming lawsuit today, with allegations of tip skiming at Felidia. [NY Post]

Celebrity Quotes
• Andrew Zimmern says all those Bizarre Foods knockoffs are "embarrassing." [Food Republic]

Stuff of Your Nightmares
• A 5-year-old girl fell into a hidden "grease vat" in a Sonic restaurant, and was completely engulfed in fast-food grease. She's fine, other than the grease in her ears. [The Leaf-Chronicle]

Pink Slime
• Beef Products, Inc. has announced the official closing of three factories, which were just suspended before. About 650 jobs will be lost when the factories close May 25. [AP]

• According to The Daily Beast, Memphis is actually the nation's fattest city. [The Daily Beast]

• What's up with the lack of agricultural child labor law reform? [NY Times]