The Pig: Washington, DC

Washington, DC

How could I stay away from a place called The Pig? During my first, brief visit, I sampled a few small plates and the “Little Pig” charcuterie platter. I loved the lamb and pork meatballs with creamy grits. I also enjoyed the charred pork belly with celery root puree and what can I say about the trotter ravioli other than they were foot-smacking good. (Get it?)

I had one tiny issue with the trotter ravioli, however. I thought the duck egg yolk was too powerful and drowned out the delicate and flavorful ravioli. My suggestion: yolk your ravioli sparingly.

The charcuterie platter or “The Pig” was solid. Besides the meats, I also liked the raw ramps and sage-flavored sauce accompaniments.

If you’re a bourbon lover, The Pig has a decent selection, although some are a bit overpriced compared to pricing at other local eateries/bars.

For those that don’t want to pig out on pork, The Pig offers non-pork options that include some seafood, rabbit, lamb, and venison. Vegetarians, there are a few options for you as well, mostly in the form of side dishes.

All in all, my first visit left me interested enough to make a second trip and try the crispy pig ears and other pork dishes.

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1320 14th St NW (btwn Rhode Island Ave & N St NW)
Washington, DC 20005
$ $ $