The Pig Burger — Looks Aren't Everything

Dixson Bar-B-Q is not always open, it's not in the best part of downtown Knoxville, it's easy to miss because it's set back from the street, and its signature dish, the pig burger, isn't much to look at, but it sure tastes like a heck of a lot. It's just two slices of white bread sandwiching grilled onions, barbeque sauce, and a pork patty. It's wrapped in foil, whether ordered to go or to eat there. The barbeque sauce is tomatoey and sweet with great smokiness. And the pork patty is juicy — made in front of you in about two minutes. You don't need much else in life. And I say all this having never been to Knoxville, but having had the sandwich brought back to me on an airplane and having eaten it no fewer than five or six hours after it was made. It was still one of the best things I ate all year. And for these reasons this dish made my list of most memorable meals of 2011.

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