Philadelphia Gets Its First Hawaiian Food Truck

For those who live in southeastern Pennsylvania and would like to experience Hawaii's rich culinary tradition but would not be content with tasting that food in a conventional, stationary restaurant, a perfect solution has arrived in Philadelphia. Poi Dog Snack Shop, officially the city's first Hawaiian food truck, began serving its distinctive island-inspired fare in early April, as originally reported by The Meal Ticket.

Poi Dog is creating a particular niche for itself in serving food that is generally exotic, uncommon and unfamiliar to many Philadelphians. This includes its Spam musubi; as the name may imply, it's a dish containing fried Spam with rice. Of course, if Spam isn't your thing, Poi Dog offers a host of other options for lunch and snacks, mixing its theme with elements of other ethnic foods, as in its Hawaiian Tacos, which include chicken katsu and pork belly.

Since its opening, Philadelphians looking for a Hawaiian-infused lunch have been able to track Poi Dog Snack Shop via its Facebook and Twitter pages. As such, the truck can often be found parked by the campus of Temple University.